In order make some money and for fun I travel for some vagabondage-days to Denmark. This is why I have to leave the vagabond congress for that time. An absolute absence is not possible though. I regularey get emails with breaking news: Justin Time is just at place, Azul Blazeotto and Eduardo Molinare. are no KUNDEN; and Taisiya Krugovykh und Vasily Bogatov try 15 minutes of utopia.  There is something happening all the time. From that perspective I can say that my travel is rather an EXTENSION OF THE VAGABOND CONGRESS. I wander to Denmark to bring the vagabond congress to the norh. And I wander back to bring the collected values back to Stuttgart. „To wander“ is actually not the right term. A plane flies me to Copenhagen, a train brings me back.

The danish vagabonds to whom I talk about the congress want to know more about it. The swiss vagabonds that I inform by email about this new hotspot of Europe don´t´react. Swiss people always „cooked their own soup“ (At least Swiss people repeat this sentence in swiss german all the time – so everyone believes it). I am interested in the investigation of the collective that is being practised by the vagabond congress: So let´s keep Switzerland out of the discussion.

The train rumbles.

In Copenhagen I visit a work on high frequency trades by the two vagabonds Anders Paulin and Johan Forsman. They talk about their pilgrimage to America, to the very hot sources of the computer based trade which where being developped since the early 70s. The hippies and nerds that hallucinated themselves into sub- and transcendental phantasmas, the shamanes that connected earthly to galactical and subcellular spirits, all worked in the same direction of wandering: From the material to the immaterial. High frequency trade is working at a level that is not perceivable with physical senses. Ghosts and angels communicate through medias in trance. LSD creates acceptance for another reality. The material impact of all these endless searching movements is nearly not describable: Everything is affected by it. The two high frequency vagabonds experiment with subfrequence-sounds and manipulate the atomic structure of salt. Ronald Reagan gives a speach 1988 in Moscow on the future changes by the internet. Which ghost or ghost writer has put these words in his mouth? They sound like a precise vision of the technologies, connections, imbalances and death dangers that we have today. Butch Cassidy and Sundance Kid are the protagonists of the new time for the former western hero Reagan. They live, ride and shoot in micro- and macro dimensions of a globe that is permamently blinking with streams and numbers.  Outlaws. For some time in the center of power and government, for some time at the edge of all social boundaries. Always on the run, far from legality. Laws are just interesting when they help the own profit. I have to think of Akseli Vittannen and „Robin Hood“. They seem to me like a pragmatic consequence of Reagans vision: They acceped his premises. The role of the outlaw as the only possibility to create an acceptable form of living.

The feet of the spactators are warmed by a hot humid towel. The session dissolves in  a spiritual ending. I land on the floor of reality: I have to work.

For two evenings I show my work TRUST at the theatre. The theatre festival  is called „Follow the money“ – this could mean the hunger drive of vagabonds. They follow the money, they follow the food.  By doing „TRUST“ I earn my money for vagabonding. I will also present some of it in Stuttgart. Therefore: Not much about it.

For one day (that I dare to call my day off) I visit a vagabond congress in the danish provincial city Holstebro – „50 years of Odin Theatre“. Here, vagabonds of the wohle world meet for a cultural exchange. Thai-dancers, katakhali-performers, punk-sentimentalists and bad Michael Jackson doubles celebrate the worldwide regionality. I attend a guided tour through industrial halls of a closed slaughter-firm. Its mute machines remind the spectator of their function as penal colony for pigs. It smells like death. This place is dedicated to become a place for culture. That is why the city officials show it first to artists. Why the so called immaterial workers should always fill up the former spaces of material work? Isn´t there anything that can be produced here exept culture, art, design and social sculpture? Suddenly I am interested in the history of the swiss watch industriy that could defend its place in the world of material production. Empty industry halls should not just be imagined as a place of phantastic immaterial work, but also as places for things that can be produced by hand. Things to live in or to live from. I would like to become a carpenter, builder, primary school teacher or cleaning guy.

Absence is an illusion. Not just because the vagabond congress is communicating all the time with me and the rest of the world. All over the place I meet vagabonds that organize their congresses. Questions of the future, of rise and fall are being discussed at least from Stuttgart to the high north. At lunch tables vagabonds discuss plans of the day and economic restrictions. In evenings they try to enforce the feeling of social belonging. Then, the perspective is focused on the beauty of life. Maybe this is the finest thing in cultural work: Through it, the annoying, the threatening, the horrible can appear as something acceptable, even beautiful, rarely funny or at least as an unextinctable necessity. And the still unbearable gets an impulse to crash.

Andreas Liebmann 20. Juni 2014, on the road

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