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Let’s share books!

At the Laboratory of Theater Rampe a utopian Public Library has opened it’s doors.

It was never easier to become an amateur librarian. It was never easier to set up decentralized peer-to-peer public libraries. Technology is ready! Our utopian temporary set up includes everything a conventional library does: free access for all members of society, a catalog and a librarian. In addition to access to thousands of digital books you can receive skill sharing sessions with cyber-librarians.

Please bring a smart phone, tablet or laptop.

If you wish to contribute to the catalog of Public Library, you are welcome to make an appointment with our cyber-librarian Marcell Marss at the theater box office.

Opening hours: Wednesdays to Saturdays from 6 p.m.

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Im Labor des Theater Rampe ist ab sofort eine utopische öffentliche Bibliothek als temporäre Installation eröffnet. Nie war es einfacher ein Amateurbibliothekar zu werden, nie einfacher eine dezentrale peer-to-peer-Bibliothek zu errichten. Genau wie eine konventionelle öffentliche Bibliothek bietet unsere utopische Bibliothek freien Zugang für alle Bürger, einen Katalog und einen Bibliothekar. Public Library im Theater Rampe bietet Zugang zu tausenden digitalen Büchern sowie Einführungskurse mit dem Cyber-Bibliothekar Marcell Marss.

Bitte mitbringen: netzwerkfähiges Smart Phone, Tablet oder Laptop.

Wer den Bestand der Public Library ergänzen möchte, ist herzlich eingeladen, hierfür Termine mit dem Bibliothekar Marcell Marss an der Theaterkasse auszumachen.

Öffnungszeiten:  Mittwochs bis Samstags ab 18:00

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Die Public Library ist Teil der Zusammenarbeit von Marcell Marss und David Weber-Krebs im Rahmen von Bouvard & Pecuchet 3000.


Marcell Marss and David Weber-Krebs have taken up residency at the Lab for the V. chapter of Bouvard & Pecuchet 3000.

Currently Marcell is hosting talks on the future of the library at Akademie Solitude. This week he will also be setting up a digital library at the Lab. We will keep you informed about the state of it.

For their residency David and Marcell will be dealing with questions of archiving, the concret utopia of the public library and the collection and categorization of knowledge.

One of the texts that will be instrumental is Foucaults „Les Mots et les Choses“. You can find an english translation of the book online here:

Michel Foucault: The order of things

Or you can come to the lab and read in a german copy as well. along with other books and notes and pictures on the last four chapters of Bouvard & Pecuchet.

See you!