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Foto: Saara Autere

Anna-Maija Terävä, Performerin und Tänzerin

My name is Anna-Maija Terävä. I am a dance artist from Finland. I work with the performance collective Oblivia and have had a premier at Theater Rampe in 2017,  with the show called Nature Theater of Oblivia. Our next premier at Rampe will be in February 2020. I was also giving a workshop with Oblivia at 6 tage frei-Festival in 2017.

The Theater Rampe in one word?


Your most absurd bar-talk at Rakete?

About the popularity of heavy music in Finland.

The most memorable performance (on stage or as a spectator)?

The Players 2017 (as a spectator)

Which motto describes your work ethic best?

Less is more but also more is more.

What quirk do others love about you?

Me bringing chocolate to the rehealsars.

What sound is going on at your premiere party?

80´s and 90´s hit music…

What did you always want to say about Theater Rampe and/or Rakete?

It is definitely the best theater I have ever worked in.


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