The order of things


Marcell Marss and David Weber-Krebs have taken up residency at the Lab for the V. chapter of Bouvard & Pecuchet 3000.

Currently Marcell is hosting talks on the future of the library at Akademie Solitude. This week he will also be setting up a digital library at the Lab. We will keep you informed about the state of it.

For their residency David and Marcell will be dealing with questions of archiving, the concret utopia of the public library and the collection and categorization of knowledge.

One of the texts that will be instrumental is Foucaults „Les Mots et les Choses“. You can find an english translation of the book online here:

Michel Foucault: The order of things

Or you can come to the lab and read in a german copy as well. along with other books and notes and pictures on the last four chapters of Bouvard & Pecuchet.

See you!


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